Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mihirungs in Miocene Australia (Prehistoric Times March Issue #109)

Featured in the Prehistoric Times Magazine ▲  Dromornis sturtoni protects it's chicks from the prowling 'Powerful Thylacine', an extinct relative of the late Tasmanian Wolf.
Faunal Key ▲ 1) Thylacinus potens, 2) Dormornis sturtoni, 3) Tarsipedid sp., 4) Pyramio alcootense, 5) Cacatuidid sp., 6) Pheonocopterid sp.  
My work was recently featured in Prehistoric Times. This issue (#109 of March, 2014) is available for purchase through the Prehistoric Times website and can also be found in select stores where the magazine is sold. In addition to the image above, they also featured another illustration of mine which is shown below. 

Sivatherium giganteum ▲ A giraffid of Eurasia, here depicted feeding on a mimosa tree in the hilly environment of what is now present-day India. There is compelling evidence suggested by figures drawn in cave paintings that this animal or possibly even several giraffids existed in India in the recent Holocene. Gouache, digital. 
Kakapo (Strigops habroptilus) ▲ A fascinating extant flightless bird of New Zealand, of relevance to Dromornithids because of their shared condition of flightlessness. This bird is also called the Owl Parrot for understandable reasons. Gouache.